Good Morning!

My mom just came into my room and asked me what I was still doing up. I told her it’s because I took a nap in the afternoon. No need to mention it was like a 30 minute one. She asked me what I could possibly be doing online this late (or early). She’s so suspicious of what I do. I think it’s funny and irritating. I will admit that I don’t do/look at the most innocent stuff online (hey….I’m not talking about that) but it’s not like I’m chatting it up with creepy old men regularly. Apart from Zipo, since his age is such a MYSTERY. Lol, I’m just messing with you Zipo. But I have to say, the image I have of you in my head is some scholarly college student, with cool, funky sense of fashion (and music taste). Just thought I’d let you know :)

What am I doing up? It’s 3:41 am. It’s Friday. There isn’t a holiday or anything…Oh that’s right! It’s because school is canceled! Yes, canceled. And the reason why? A snow day. A snow day. A SNOW DAY! LOL, I can’t even…MY CITY AND SNOW DAY IN THE SAME SENTENCE…

Whew…that is just too funny. The weather prediction for [later] this morning is a possible chance of snow. Everyone gets so hyped up about snow over here, even if it dissolves into the air before it lands on the ground. Snow is so precious and rare where I live so I guess it’s okay lol. Ok, I’ll try to go sleep now (ppffffttttttttt)

  1. Dunya said:

    Schools never get cancelled because of snow here … :( But i’m on a winter break :P

    • AA said:

      Same here. This is like a first lol. Lucky you :P

  2. Annie said:

    Oooh wow snow. It was sooo so hot here last week, at school everyone was groaning and trying every single way they could think of to try and get cool haha

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