It’s been a while

It’s a horrible feeling. I take a breath and I feel like there’s a gaping hole inside of me. It’s been some time since I felt like this. I feel unsatisfied. This restlessness is almost too much to bear. I need excitement. I need motivation. I need…happiness.

  1. Opus said:

    I know the feeling! I feel it a lot, and almost never come to a conclusion with the feeling.
    Lately, I’ve been a very solemn person. Laughing at almost nothing except for a few sadistic things I think up (for example, today my $300 camera got stolen from our Cross Country bus [door was unlocked and lots of other people lost a lot of things too] and I updated my Facebook as “Well, the race was fun! I would post some pictures, but, well, you know. lawl”) and then I don’t find most things people say funny, sometimes I even find them stupid.
    I have no reason for this, and it has been nagging at me ever since. My only escape from this solitary attitude has been my work on a new music project.
    but yes! i understand completely, and I think the only thing to try is to experiment with different artsy stuff or just challenge your mind. :D

    • AA said:

      Josh, I’d be spewing fire for weeks if my $300 camera got stolen. A sadistic outlook indeed! Were you furious though? Even just a little but?

      Yeah, it helps when I occupy myself with something fun or interesting. I’m too lazy to challenge my mind lol.

      It really comes out of nowhere though. Blind side!

  2. Zipo said:

    First question goes to Opus….. Why… o why would anyone take a $300 camera on a school/public bus and trust that it was going to secure? Are living in la la land? Jesus help me god…. that was … forgive me… STUPIED! I fly back and forth to France almost like a regular…and I would never ever think to leave my seat without making sure it was covered. Jeepers~! Well live and learn. The person who took it… at least walks amongst you… hopefully you had insurance. :(

    Second ? goes to our host here… Can you not strike out on your own? Can you not just go where you want? Do you an ankle bracelet?

    • AA said:

      Zipo, I don’t even have my learner’s permit lol. My parents are very closed minded at times, so I don’t even bother most of the time. Sometimes, it’s like they don’t even recognize that I’m 17, not 13. I don’t agree with a lot of they ways and thinking so that causes some ~tension~. Plus, I’m a pretty quiet person in a family of outgoing people. And I live in the suburbs. That speaks for itself lulz

      I might as well have an ankle bracelet. My parents complain about me staying at home doing nothing but protest me hanging out or staying after school. “Everyone is untrustworthy and Americans are horrible in general.” I just want to get out of Texas wah

  3. Opus said:

    It was in it’s own bag INSIDE my backback :o the guy just waltzed up to the bus (which I had presumed locked, but wasn’t) went on the bus, rummaged through everyone’s stuff, and left! I am still pretty miffed about it. =o

    and sometimes you need a little push to start the flight!

  4. Zipo said:

    Well then the school should fire the dumbass driver for not locking up or at beast staying with the bus and the school should be covering the insurance on your camera!!!!!! Did you file a complaint with the school? Good golly… next time, carry a gun! hahahahahaha

    • Opus said:

      Home Own Insurance may cover it :o We didn’t have a bus driver, just the coaches, and they were with us. The bus couldn’t lock anyways..
      It is the schools fault, though! They gave us a bullshit bus and saving the activity buses for the Football team (who always loses)
      You know how schools are! haha Football is first for everything!

  5. Zipo said:

    GO TEAM! hahahahah…. (not funny)!

    What do you call a a football player with half a brain? Gifted!

    It sure does sound like the school’s problem to me, on more than one point.

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