Slacker Extraordinaire

Let’s all have a quick celebration for the fact that I am posting on a weekday! I ended up not reading my lovely 400+ page book (is that even a surprise?). I was about 2 pages in before I discovered that the book did not have quotation marks. I then switched to another book without hesitation. I made it to about 15 pages before I quit. I think I did alright on the Independent Fall Reading Assessment we had to write about the book yesterday lol.

Today, my 1st period teacher passed out letters and congratulated those who got one. I did not receive one, and I didn’t really care. She said that it was possible that there were still more letters coming in. I shrugged and went about on my assignment. I wasn’t paying much attention to the assignment or my surroundings when my teacher gave me a letter some minutes after she had passed out the other letters. Apparently, some assistant had walked in while I was being oblivious and gave my teacher more letters. I was actually really surprised lol. So…yeah…I have met the first criterion scholarship for membership in the National Honor Society, which is a pretty big deal. Honestly, I’m not even sure how this happened. Oh well. This letter doesn’t guarantee that I’ll be a member, and I probably won’t.

I just read the letter and took a look at the NHS website for my school. Here is the criteria that must be met:

I actually laughed while reading this. For one, I don’t even know what my GPA is. I think it might be higher than a 5.8, but, hey, what do I know? Second, I am barely in 2 clubs. I’ve only been to one French Club Meeting this year. I have recently joined the Civil Rights Club (a rather misleading name to those who don’t really know what the club is about LOL) as a Graphic Designer. The leadership position for the GD Team was kind of thrust at me, but I don’t mind haha. I was not in any clubs freshman and sophomore year either. And third, I am holding only one leadership position, which I’m not even sure is that official.

I have not done 4 activities of community service hours, much less 2. The only thing I’ve done was my volunteer service at the local library 2 summers ago.  So all in all, I meet less than half of the criteria lol. And to top it all off, I am the definition of a slacker. It’s ironic because I have this poster about not being a slacker hanging on my wall. I really like the poster though.

I will go to the mandatory meeting on Thursday and go through the application process and whatnot, but I won’t be holding my breath. Well, I’m off to ‘study’ for my history test tomorrow lololol.

  1. Zipo said:

    Becoming a member of the honor society would be an honor and a privilledge. Being a canidate for selection into this group is an achievement within itself, and induction would be an outstanding achievement!

    You are a shoe in! Remember to SMILE damn ya smile! Be big to volunteer for any task they may ask of you, and be community minded… help that old person across the street! hahaha Church is always a point getter!!!

    And in writing that essay… THINK LARGE.. THINK GLOBAL! (if you get what I mean-

    • AA said:

      Lol thanks. I’ve decided not to even go through the application process anymore. No point~

  2. Zipo said:

    And when I referred to slaker in the other post… by no means did I mean “in the hood” was in any way shape or form anything to do with slakers.

    It is just an off beat expression. :)

    • AA said:

      Yeah, I know. I just mentioned slackers because I’d finished writing a post about being a slacker ha!

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