Bubble Life

I truly feel like I’m living in a bubble sometimes. This bubble is strange. It’s a bubble where classmates make wishes on 11:11 and say stuff like, “is it Facebook official?” A bubble where 15-year-olds get brand new cars for their birthdays. A bubble where the major things being discussed are about so-and-so’s new girlfriend or so-and-so getting drunk at a football game. A bubble where being in advanced classes automatically deems you intelligent and better than those who aren’t. Superficial. Trivial. Prattle. Drivel. I can’t say I’m immune from some of these things though. It’s hard not to get sucked into it.

Listening to some of these conversations and observing what goes on around makes me feel like I’m underwater sometimes. Under the sea.

  1. Opus said:

    Like looking into a glass box from the outside? I know that feel.

    • AA said:

      Yes! Perfect description. It’s a sucky feeling.

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