Posting on a Monday night

I have come to the conclusion that every girl has some sort of ‘bitch’ look; whether it be mild or scorching. I think my bitch look has been slipping lately because some guys actually try to talk to me now. Kidding. No guys talk to me, apart from the ones in my classes. I’m (ahem) somewhat fine with it because high school boys are gross, in every sense. I think my BL formed as a defense mechanism against the creepy guys that inhabit my school. I guess it extends past the guys seeing as how random girls are always trying to stare me down in the hallways. Which is exactly the reason why I avoid making eye contact with people in the hallways. It’s just so awkward meeting the eyes of people I don’t know, or worse: people that I do know but have grown apart from/were never close to. And then there are always some people who actually seem to go out of their way to try to make me meet their eyes in the hallways. I don’t really know how to explain it loool. Point is, hallways suck and I should probably never give up my BL so I can have more friends. Honestly though, I have been trying to tone down my BL. I guess I’ve been doing it for so long that I do it even when I don’t mean to. I wonder if people find me intimidating. I’ve been trying to smile more. Though I usually end up thinking about a funny memory that makes me laugh out loud, which makes me look kind of crazy, especially since I walk by myself. trololol

Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, this post makes me sound like a  really conceited bitch. I’m really not conceited, or a bitch, but I can be really surly. I’m pretty surly most of time lol. I’m working on that though. Anyway, excuse the curse words in this post~ I try not to curse.  Emphasis on try. Lately, all I want to do is eat and sleep. School is boring, as usual. Same goes with life. The woes of a 17-year-old living in the suburbs.

  1. βrian said:

    truth is. guys quickly become immune to bitch looks after a stipulated daily dose, so it’s more effective to use them in moderation. :)

    except for megan fox . she’s just altogether intimidating.

    • AA said:

      Really? Well that’s disappointing lol.

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