Yes. Blissful. This week is just that. Usually, my school only has 3 days off for Thanksgiving, but this year they decided to give us a whole week. It’s been wonderful. No school. No homework (well…). No school!!! This is what I need. School makes me so unhappy, it’s ridiculous. I want to be done with school. I never imagined there could be so many self-absorbed people in my school. It’s mindblowing really.

I love the holidays. My siblings come home from college, everyone’s together, and it’s all so marvelous. But then they leave and I get sad because I’m all alone again and then it’s back to prison. I’m getting restless again. Maybe it’s the fact that the week is almost over and then I’ll have to go back to that lovely place again. Or maybe it’s because I’m unhappy. I don’t know what I want. It’s so frustrating. Oh so frustrating.

  1. Annie said:

    Happy late Thanksgiving! :)

    • AA said:

      Thanks! You too! How was your Thanksgiving?

      • Annie said:

        We don’t actually celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia!

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