3 Day Weekend!

Wassup! God knows I desperately need a break for school. The 4th “6 weeks” are finally over. Actually it’s been 7 weeks. One week too many. I am going to relax this weekend, do nothing (as in homework), watch Running Man, read, relax, sleep, eat, etc.

SooOoooOooo, I started Driving School in January. I finished last Friday! I am now the owner of a Learner’s license, which I like to imagine is a real one, since it looks like an official license. So yeah. I haven’t driven since last Friday. How sad is that? My parents don’t want me driving their big cars, which only leaves my sister’s small car. And she’s rarely home. When she is home, she’s “too tired” to take me driving. It’s ridiculous. This basically makes me going to driving in school pointless if I can’t drive at all. On the upside, I’ll be able to get my official license on July, 27th. A month before the 2012-2013 school year starts up. My senior year. I will hopefully be driving to school!

Which reminds me; class registration for senior year has started. If I really wanted to, I would only have to take 4 classes next year (as opposed to 7). Since I’m taking Anatomy & Physiology (in addition to the req. Physics class) this year, I’ve knocked out all the science classes I have to take. That leaves me with English, Social Studies, and Math core classes. I don’t know if I want to take AP English next year. I’d honestly just love to laze around next year. I also don’t know whether or not to take Calculus AB or BC, or no Calculus at all. My hatred for Pre Caluclus at the moment reaches no bounds. And taking AP Calc would be GPA suicide. Calc AB and BC are both AP courses. AB is one semester of college Calculus in a whole year. BC is two semesters of college Calc in a whole year. Obviously BC is more rigorous since the pace is much faster than AB’s b/c of the two semesters thing. So Calculus BC is way out of the question for me. I’m barely holding on in Pre Calc right now. I’d rather not take Calculus at all. I have no desire to be a engineer or doctor in the future anyway.

Not taking Calculus at all will leave me with AP Statistics, which doesn’t sound any better. And there’s always College Algebra, which all the math teachers gripe about because most colleges see it as an elective and blah blah blah. Ugh, math. I also have to decide if I want to take AP Gov/AP Economics. They are semester courses, so I could have one AP and one K, or two APs or two Ks. Oh, what a dilemma. I’m stuck b/w being a slug senior year or challenging myself. The slug possibility is looking preeeeety good rn. Aside from core classes, there are electives. I would really love to take Culinary Arts but that’s two class periods right there, in addition to my 3 core classes. I don’t know if I want Early Release (I’d be getting out of school after 6th period) + Late Arrival (I’d be getting to school at 2nd period). That combination would require me to have only 4 classes.  Or I could have Double Early Release (getting out of school after 5th period; no late arrival). This would require me to have 5 classes, *plus a job*. Or I could have 6 classes (no thanks) and take one Early Release or Late Arrival. About the job part, I applied to Jack in the Box on Tuesday. I’m kind worried because the application I filled out didn’t ask for my cell or email, only my home phone. And we rarely use/answer the home phone. I’m going to have to call them soon.

So I have a lot of things to figure out for senior year. After my experience with WHAP and APUSH, I don’t know if I want to take another AP course. That’s why I dropped out of APUSH (well I didn’t like the teacher and the class was way too boring for me. Did she really expect me to be interested in learning about the Pilgrims at 7 in the morning?).  I know people who will take every available AP class they can though.

Conversation with an AP student:

AP student: I’m in so many AP classes
AP student: they’re advanced placement
AP student: that’s what “AP” means
AP student: so that means I’m really smart
AP student: AP courses are college-level courses
AP student: I was in my AP classroom with my AP classmates today
AP student: because AP


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