Happy Monday!

After hearing so many people at school today singing praises about Project X, I thought to myself, wow, this must be a really good movie. So when I looked up the trailer on Youtube, I was expecting something profound and nothing short of pure artistry. Silly me. I should have known better not to trust a bunch of teenagers, most who probably do things as wild as the kids in the movie. Of course they would think the movie is amazing and “soooooo good!!” Seeing the trailer was enough to put me off of watching the movie.

I’m no prude, but my interests run a little different than most teens my age. Watching a movie about a bunch of teenagers at a wild party doing drugs, eating each others’ faces off, and doing other unthinkable things doesn’t really appeal to me. I wouldn’t waste good money on a movie like that.

I have tv show episodes to catch up on and movies that I’ve been promising myself I’d watch for months and books to read and etc. Sadly, the weekend is never long enough for me to actually do the things I want to. It’s ridiculous how quickly the weekend goes by. But Spring Break is next week, thank God! A week of pure bliss in my opinion. No school, no homework, no having to see people I don’t like. Yesssssssssss! The only downside to it is having to deal with annoying family members.

So yeah, I’ve been meaning to do all those things listed above and I’ve been meaning to update my playlist, but it seems like I never have time. Which, really doesn’t make any sense because I have no life and I rarely do homework at home (homework is mostly done at school, during lunch…and to be honest, 30 minutes is not sufficient time for me to finish my Pre Calc homework). Sigh.


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