For Once

For once, I am not happy that it’s the weekend. This week went by way too fast. Normally that would be a great thing, but it’s not because it’s Spring Break! For once, I wish it was Monday again. I’d love to rewind to the beginning of the week, with the threat of school far away.

Ugghhhhhhhh, one week isn’t enough. It’ll never be enough!!! Even though I didn’t do jack this whole week, it was still very nice. I read, caught up on TV shows, watched movies, downloaded songs that I’d been meaning to download forever. It was a great week. No having to deal with stupid teachers who make you wonder how they ever got a teaching certificate in the first place, no having to deal with stupid teenagers, no homework, no schoolwork, nothing school related.

It was bliss. And now it’s pretty much over. I’m ready to be done with high school. Lately I’ve been thinking, hey, maybe going to college in Texas wouldn’t be too bad. Then my sister or my parents do something and remind me that hell no, I need to get far, far away. I really need to stop slipping into that “college in TX wouldn’t be too bad” mentality.

I’ll just continue my moping now.


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