The End is coming

The end for my laptop that is. I’ve had my Hp laptop since Nov of 2009 and since December of 2010, it’s been threatening to bite the dust. It keeps reminding me that I have to get my battery changed or something like that. It’s common knowledge that Hp sucks, but I got it on Black Friday and it was cheap. Not to mention I was desperate for a laptop of my own. Hp + cheap = extremely crappy laptop.

My laptop doesn’t last more than 5 minutes if it’s not plugged in. And to my misfortune, my charger stopped working a few months ago so I began to use my school laptop charger, which is a Dell. I have no idea why a Dell laptop charger works on a Hp laptop, but it does. All juniors at my school get laptops because of US History and we have to return it at the end of the year. In other words, I’m screwed by the time May comes around. I will be charger-less and that means no laptop for me since my laptop can’t survive without a charger. I suppose I’ll eventually have to tell my parents that my charger doesn’t work anymore. And of course I’ll omit the time period that it actually happened. It’s an unimportant detail that they don’t need to know. I dunno what I’ll do in May. I highly doubt my parents would buy me a new charger. They’d just tell me it was my fault for using it too much, which is true but beside the point. The point is Hp sucks and I will be laptop-less.

I’ve been trying to save money for a new laptop (NON Hp), but I don’t have a job and I don’t get an allowance. All I get is lunch money. I’ve been saving my lunch money but it seems like all the money I’ve saved up is even less than what it was at the beginning of the school year. I haven’t been spending it on school lunch (school lunch is absolutely vile) or going shopping (I can’t even remember the last time I went shopping). I’ve been spending it on food. There are way too many fundraisers that happen at my school dealing with delicious food. World’s Finest Chocolate, Chick Fil A chicken biscuits in the morning (and I don’t even like CFA that much), candy candy candy, girl scout cookies, popcorn, etc. It’s too much really.

I shall get serious. I will not be tempted into buying food anymore. I will save save save. Save save save save save save save save save save.

    • AA said:

      Haha! Thanks Zipo! Always good to see your comments. And the song ain’t half bad either.

    • Zipo said:

      You’re only giving me 1/2? Harsh….. ahahahahaa

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