Is anybody out there?

I seem to have an extremely bad habit of making a new post after not posting for a long period of time, promising to post more, then disappearing again and not posting for a long period of time. And I’m back again to continue the cycle. I’ll try to keep the promises to a minimum this time.

So…it’s July. The month is winding down. And my driver license test is next Friday, July 27. I don’t think I’m ready. If I fail, I’ll just blame my family. I’ve had 6 months to practice, but I’ve only started to really practice this past week. My parallel parking is shit. My turns are rather shaky. And my sister is forever paranoid (she’s the one ‘teaching’ me). I honestly don’t even want to get into it. I just want to get my license.

I saw The Dark Knight Rises yesterday with my sister and her friend. Now I really know just how much I hate going to see movies with my sister (and her friends) or anybody, for that matter. I like watching my movies in silence without trivial, unnecessary comments about every scene and the glow of a cell phone blinding my face while I’m trying to watch the movie. I’d really love to see it again — alone. If I get my license next Friday, I want to go see it alone. I doubt my parents would let me though. I have visions of telling my parents ‘sayonara’ with a brief explanation about going to the mall or something and then driving off. But no. I don’t think they’ll ever let me do that. What would be the point of me having a license and a perfectly good car to drive around with if I can’t go anywhere? It’s ridiculous. I’m almost 18, but my parents still refuse to see me as anything other than a ‘baby.’ And at the same time they preach at me about growing up. But no…it’s all out of love. I’m just to0 young to understand it. Yeah.

Family is more annoying than usual. My two brothers are away in other states working hard and whatnot, which is unfortunate for me because they’re the only ones who don’t make me feel like smashing my face into a mirror. I get along better with the males of my family than the females. Just one more year…just one more.

I don’t understand how a person who really has no reason to be so unhappy is so unhappy.  For a while, I thought I was doing okay. But then I just realized (again) it was because I was in fantasy more than reality. Reality’s no fun. Not at all.

  1. Emily said:

    I’m here! Kind of! I think I think the timing of me logging in and you posting was super lucky. x)

    Don’t worry about your driving test, you’ll do fine! If it makes you feel any better, my test consisted of driving around a block (making all right turns), then parking in a slanted parking spot (so it wasn’t even real parking). I’ve been driving for over a year and still haven’t parallel parked… *woops*

    I saw The Dark Knight Rises, too! I thought it would be all hype,but it was actually a good movie. And I definitely know how you feel – there were these irritating middle schoolers/freshmen sitting in the row in front of us, and they kept taking pictures of themselves.

    And hang in there with your family! Sometimes I feel the same way – my mom tells me “I go out too much,” then questions me on why I don’t have a boyfriend. Uh, thanks mom?

    I miss our blogging group! But it’s good to hear from you. :)

    • AA said:

      Emily! I can’t even remember the last time I spoke with you haha!

      Thanks for the reassurance, but it doesn’t even matter anymore. No driving test para mi :(. But if I ever take the driving test, I hope it’s that easy!

      Ah, mothers. So contradicting lol.

      I miss our blogging group too. I always get hit with memories when I log in after a while :D

  2. Zipo said:

    Just hang tight. Been driving for 2 or is 3 years. You want a giggle about parallel parking? I rode with a person who was so thin, when this person got in the drivers seat, it had to be taken in after my getting out of the drivers seat, and I weighed 115 at the time!!! I weigh 12o now…. 3 years later now. Whatever … this isn’t about weight. Another topic maybe… lmao

    Oh yes, cell phones in the theater. Sucks. But now, I don’t think movies will be the same for awhile.

    Mom’s are just moms … never take it seriouosly or personally. It is genetic.

    We are out here! Keep blogging and you too Em~

    Be well

    • AA said:

      Zipo :D Thanks! I don’t even want to think about driving anymore tbh, but thanks for the laugh :’)

      IA. I think I’m just going to start seeing movies weeks after the release, so I can hopefully be one of the few in the theater.

      Glad y’all are out here! It was beginning to feel like a ghost town; bereft, silent, with the tumbleweeds rolling around.

      You too!

  3. Zipo said:

    New look here is rather refreshing…. no music but I can sing in my head. : )

    • AA said:

      Gracias mi amigo! I was updating the playlist a few days ago then I got distracted and never finished. I shall try to finish it!

  4. Zipo said:

    I just saw the 4 bloggers who liked this post… that is fun 2!

    • AA said:

      I was surprised :’)

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