I hate life.


So I went in to take my driving test today. Woke up at 7:15, the earliest I’ve woken up this summer. My test was scheduled at 10:00. On the website, it said we had to be there an hour earlier. No problem. We got there around 9:05 or so and there was a line outside. We waited in that line for a while until a family friend informed us that there was a separate appointment line inside. So we went inside and that line only had like 2 people in it. So when it was finally our turn, this NASTY NASTY (emphasis on nasty) lady told us we were late. Late. Late. It was around 9:30 at that time. She said we should have gotten there an hour and a half earlier even though the website clearly said one hour. She spoke to me and my father like we were imbeciles. All I could think was “dis bitch.” It didn’t help matters that she was loud. The whole room, packed with people, stared at us as if we’d just murdered a puppy when we walked out. I was pissed. And sad. I’m still pissed. And sad.

So we went back to the car. I cried. Came home. Cried some more. Honestly, this just sucks. I need this license. I don’t know how I’ll be getting to school now. The soonest available test date is SEPTEMBER 20. Can you believe that? September 20th. August 23rd is when we apply for a parking pass for school. To get a parking pass, I need my DL. I don’t want to get a damn parking pass in SEPTEMBER. I don’t even want to imagine how bad the parking spot would be. That would be a waste of $50 (the fee to get a PP for a semester).

I’m screwed. I have early release and late arrival but what good are those if I don’t have reliable transportation. Thinking about riding the bus another year makes me want to jump off a cliff. I hate the bus. It would make my LA and ER useless. What the hell would I do an hour before my first class? What the hell would I do an hour after my last class? I don’t have any friends I could leech rides off of. I can’t rely on my parents because this is the last thing they need on top of all their other problems. At this point, I don’t even care about getting my DL anymore. I hate driving anyway.

My parents keep saying everything’s going to be fine, but it’s not. It’s not going to be okay. I’ll have to find a way to get rid of my ER and LA. Then it’s back to riding the bus again. Oh well.

  1. Zipo said:

    Are freaking kidding me? You pointed out this “un civil” servant that the website said….whatever time it said!!?

    And she still gave you grief????? No way hoser! No freaking way would anyone in my family esp. me put up with that arrogant piece of snot. We would have been on the phone ASAP… not at home… but in that DMV and asked to talk to a higherup. She was rude, she was wrong and she should be reported. They are called civil servants for a reason….. they are a public servant. Get her name and file a complaint!!! She even may be a bit prejudice given you are not of her ‘ethic’ liking. Man you were wronged big time.

    • AA said:

      We did. I initially thought the “get here an hour early” thing was just so we would check in before our appointment time (long lines and whatnot), NOT check in an hour early! I agree. We really were wronged. She was rude the minute we walked up there. She asked us for our “pass” and we were like “what pass?” It was the appointment CHECK IN line. The website said nothing about a pass. She gives the word nasty a whole new meaning. It’s all water under the bridge now. My dad just let it go after we walked out (I guess things like this don’t even faze him anymore). I couldn’t though, but I’ve calmed down a bit.

      I was considering filing a complaint, but I went to the website and it said “Click here if you would like to commend an employee for their exceptional service or remarkable assistance.” and I just said forget it. What a laugh! Ah, Texas.

      Btw, I’m currently in the process of updating the playlist! :D

  2. Zipo said:

    Ya took the highroad, and because it, more ppl get the same crap treatment. Everyone has to pick their battles, “sometimes one just has to say… WTF~ ”

    Now that is a classis quote from a major classic film… Risky Buisness.

    Possibly your parents are of an older kindler gentler time…. somewhere in SPACE and time. This just doesn’t fly anymore. No way . . .no how.

    That is too bad that had to happen, it didn’t have to happen…. good luck next time!

    • AA said:

      Idk what’s up with the TX DPS. Such an outdated system. And terrible workers. Everything needs a overhaul :P

      I wouldn’t say my parents are of a kindler, gentler time…not at all lol. My father came to the US in the 80s and dealt with a lot of racism and discrimination and back home wasn’t much better. They just have a lot of experience dealing with crap like this.

      Yeah. It seems like after any bad event, I think of all the right things to say. Oh, the things I could have said at that time. What if…le sigh.

  3. Opus said:

    I’ve never had to go to the DMV before, but I know the horror stories.
    Got my drivers license 2 years ago, passed by only one point! haha It’s nice being able to drive yourself places, but responsibility sucks at times.
    Also, Hello!

    • Zipo said:

      AA we all have that lapse in thought due to trying to process all the info, anger, and if we are carrying a gun that day! xxxd!

      O and possibly that racism and discrimination gives credence to the phrase “ugly Americans”. That is too bad your parents have had to endure this for so long. Hopefully it will change for them and you!!! (sooner than later).

  4. Zipo said:

    OPUS!!!!! What is that emote? I am sure it some pop culture icon. We have missed you big time~!

    • Opus said:

      It’s from a British sitcom “The IT Crowd”. Richard Ayoade!

  5. Zipo said:

    O btw… if you didn’t get your drivers license at the DMV…. where did you get it? Black market?

    • Opus said:

      From a Driving Test place at the local college. Got my actual license from a tag office.

  6. Zipo said:

    Interesting sound track… Great cross section of music!

    Note to Josh if you re-enter this world… make sure you know that Brian…aka peace out dude is stuck in a time …. and a world… we can not enter. ☺☺ Sad but true…. I can sing that for ya! Metallica http://youtu.be/xCF19cBWb0I

    • Zipo said:

      Eyup, but when you get your license at 16… you go to the DVM. You went the long route.

      I did my first training in France… and then went on to a more slower but apparently faster pace then you. ☺

      And here again… I think your conversation with old Peace out dude … seals the deal. He’s a phoney… and he won’t allow my comments. So, to you I bid adieu

  7. Zipo said:

    And your pic Opus/Josh on your site. is in my opion …BS, unless you posted a picture previously that was BS…. hahahahahah….

    The internet gives a big shovel to for all that…. BS…… hahahahah

    Are you watching the Olympics anyone. Now that is a deversion to BS… but there too, politics abound, but good entertainment!!

    • Opus said:

      The picture on Soundcloud is definitely me! The last picture I shared was from like 2 years ago. haha I only recently decided to grow my face out!

    • Zipo said:

      Have you never seen a quintessential stalker like him? He refererences way too much within the context of comment. He ‘googles” everything… such as your t-shirt… and OMG… look… it is favorite…. and no wait… he tries to trump that.

      I telling ya… this guy is a piece of work!

  8. AA said:

    Josh! :D Good to see you. lol @ black market. You are so lucky, honestly. I’ve never heard of driving tests at colleges. Maybe it’s an Oklahoma thing?

    Good news errbody! I secured an appt for August 14. Went to randomly check the site if they were any openings (impossible, I thought, but what the hey) but then I saw Aug 14 gleaming right in the middle of the calender and it was clickable (full days are not). 3pm, Tuesday, August 14. I sat in disbelief for a second and then quickly hurried to delete my Sept. 20 appt to get the Aug 14 one :’) Craziness.

    I am watching the Olympics! I was on that Euro high in June, then I was on that Euro low when it ended. Currently on an Olympic high. Aww yisss.

    • Zipo said:

      Very interesting… and a bit strange at the same time. I think you have morfed into another generation.

      Time has a habit of moving too fast.

      • AA said:

        Quoi? What do you mean???

    • Zipo said:

      I was commenting on a disfunctional person to Opus… I am picking comments out of the air… and responding. Because of time and because there’s more work on the small screen; what is missing in quality, maybe my comments makes up for in quantity.

  9. Zipo said:

    hey! I was responding to Josh’s comment, on his avatar.

  10. Zipo said:

    And on your apt. .

    I have had 2 so far off-campus. MAJOR clean up… but fairly close to campus… and then… on weekends… no one is there anyway. : )

  11. Zipo said:

    The day was good commenting here… loved it.

    Leaving shortly for school….

    Be well!!!!

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