Where did my summer go?

Concerns about my upcoming senior year

  • which teachers will let me eat in their classroom?
  • will I get a good parking spot?
  • will I be able to sneak off campus for lunch (and get away with it)?
  • what is the least amount of work I can do and still manage good grades?

And yes, you read the 2nd bullet correct! I am licensed! I managed to get an appointment August 14th, a couple days after my failed first attempt at a license (I never even made it past the front desk). So yeah, last Tuesday I took my driver’s license test. And I passed! Parallel parking went well. After that, there was a backing portion I was not aware of. I was like wut. The road test was easier than I thought it would be.  Most of the points I missed were for my turns (crappy) and observation (even though I made exaggerated movements). All that matters is I have my license.

I drove to school today to get my parking pass. I could tell my parents were nervous lol but they need to get used to it (seeing as how I’ll be driving regularly starting Monday). It was nice. Not having my sister or parents in the front seat tensed up and whatnot. The info card said the parking stuff would start at 8:30 but I got there around 7:50. There was already a bunch of people when I got there. Parking passes are no joke. True to my school’s fashion, the whole thing was disorganized and took longer than it had to. But I finally got my parking sticker. My spot is alright. Relatively close to my first class. It’s not bad at all. I wish it was a little closer though.

Going to school today made me realize how much I don’t want to go back to school. I don’t really like anybody at my school. Sure, I have “friends” but they’re closer to being acquaintances that I’ve known for a while rather than my definition of a friend. I really have no desire to interact with people these days. It’s pretty ridiculous. Idk. I want to make something of my last year in high school and at the same time, I don’t. I’m ready to graduate.

This summer really flew by. Sigh. I have to take senior pictures tomorrow at some studio in a mall. Yippee. Oh, and apparently I have summer reading. I’ve been checking my school’s website often and I just noticed that they put up a summer reading list. And summer is about to end. ಠ_ಠ Since I’m taking AP English, the summer reading is required, not optional. We have to read 1984 and annotate and all this pointless crap. I’m so glad my school decided to put it up right before summer ended.


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