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First week of school down…too many more to go. The week really dragged out. It didn’t even feel like we just came back to school by the time Friday rolled around. My schedule for the school year:

1. Late Arrival

2. College Algebra

3. US Government (1st semester)/AP Macroeconomics (2nd semester)

4. English IV AP

5 & 6. Culinary Arts

7. Early release

It’s nice driving to school. It’s also nice having late arrival and early release. I don’t have to deal with the influx of students in the parking lot before and after school. And I gain an hour of sleep and leave school an hour early. Senior year has been boring so far. I like my teachers (atm…we’ll see how I feel in a couple of weeks) and I have acquaintances I’ve known for some time in my classes, so I’m not too lonely. I can tell senior year will be just as unremarkable as my past years in high school have been. I doubt I’ll go to any football games, or sports games (Fact: I haven’t been to any sports games at my school and I don’t plan on it). Homecoming is a big fat no. Prom is still a question mark (I probably will not end up going, much to the dismay of my sister and mother haha). Hmmm…what else? Clubs! I wanted to join student council but I don’t know anymore. Anyway, senior year is boring. I am boring. My life is boring.

US Gov is interesting. I don’t care for politics, though, I educated myself a little on them this past summer. I still don’t understand a large chunk of it, but at least I don’t feel as ignorant of it as I used to be. It’ll be interesting how this semester pans out. Living in Texas, going to a predominately white school full of Republicans, and many of those Republicans are in my class. Republicans are irritating. As are Democrats, but not as much as Republicans. Mitt Romney is ew. Obama is eh. I don’t care for either of the candidates. In the end, all politicians are the same. False promises and many, many lies. Reminds me of kids running for class president in elementary school. “IF I WIN CLASS PRESIDENT, I PROMISE THERE WILL BE NO MORE HOMEWORK.” Yeah…lol.

I applied to Starbucks on Friday. I’m going to call them tomorrow (I applied to different locations around my area). Since summer’s over I’m hoping there will be lots of open positions from the places I want to work at. I need to start on college applications too. Sigh. At least I don’t have school tomorrow.


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