Another year older…

Happy 18th birthday to me! I’m legal now! Several times throughout the day, I had to remind myself it was my birthday. I’d be like, “‘what’s today’s date?” And then I remembered it’s my birthday. My birthday gifts: a big can of Cashew nuts from my dad [I love my dad :’) ] and a pair of size 10 Coach shoes from my mother (I wear a size 8 but my mom seems convinced I’ll grow into the shoes. I think she was joking when she said that.) I’ll probably return the shoes or something, but it’s not really a priority atm.

I didn’t tell anyone at school it was my birthday. I don’t like faux cheery birthday wishes from people who don’t care about me. In case you guys haven’t noticed, I have no real friends. That might seem really sad, but—ok who am I kidding? It is pretty pathetic. But as depressing at it might seem when you read that, I assure you it’s really not. Welp, I live a sad life…that sounds too dramatic.

Anyway, school still sucks. I’m not sure why I’m even taking AP English. We have an essay due every week. I’m not exaggerating. It doesn’t seem too bad, but I just want to be lazy. And since I’m lazy, I don’t want to grow through the pains of dropping an AP class again. It’s a long and irritating process.

I went back to the post I made about the 1st semester of my Freshman year in December ’09 (I started blogging regularly after that, and blogged for the whole year of 2010). Oh, how things have changed. I feel like my recent posts are more dreary in a way. Or maybe I was just too pumped up in my older posts?

Four more hours left of my birthday. Gonna make the most of it by eating some cashews. Jeah!

  1. Zipo said:

    Happy Birthday you! Make the best of what you have! You have a lot! Thank you for your blog and all your awesome posts!! We all have our “monkeys around our necks”, “ghosts in our closets” and just trying to get through a day. Your are appreciated!

    • AA said:

      Thank you, Zipo :’)) *wipes tears away*

  2. βrian said:

    Things are better in college, promise. (Stay in AP English, you’ll learn a lot, including how to *not* be lazy)

    Happy belated birthday!

    • AA said:

      Yeah, AP English is better now. Made it through boot camp! Thank you!

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