Updates Galore

I was happily surfing the internet when I thought to myself, don’t I have a blog?

Indeed, I do. I always seem to forget about this old blog of mine. It has so many memories. Club Penguin, the people I formed connections with, etc. Don’t fret, whatever people who still check my blog every now and then (none), this is not a goodbye post. Just some updates since my last post (which was five months ago…typing it out now, that’s a very long time…wasn’t October like 2 months ago?)

  • I got a new phone in December. I had my old phone since 2009. It was malfunctioning and being fickle, as all phones are programmed to do at some point by evil manufacturers. I am now the owner of a Samsung Android. The world of touchscreen and apps was completely foreign to me and I spent many a night exploring the phenomenon that was my new phone. It now sits on my bed, rarely used, except for phone calls and texts to family members and the occasional game (just like my old phone…)
  • I’ve become an avid football fan (I am forever stuck between saying ‘football’ and sounding like a prick, and saying ‘soccer’ and sounding like a prick). Real Madrid is the love of my life atm. I’ve spent many nights dreaming of going to a RM game, or a huge football game (like the World Cup). The atmosphere, the sounds, the fans, watching the game play out right in front of me…thinking about all of that makes me want to cry. The likelihood of me going to Spain or Brazil any time soon (or at all) is zero to none. I’ll just have to be content with livestreams and whatnot (for now). But seriously, I love Real Madrid. I recently got two jerseys from this season. I’m in love.
  • I’ve been accepted to two colleges, out of the three I applied to. One is way too close to home, and the other is hours away and where I will most likely go. The third college (UT; if you’re reading this, fuck your shitty admissions) I applied to did not accept me because I’m not good enough for them. So they offered me some shitty program that I’m not going to accept. Woot.
  • I still have no idea what the heck I want to do in life. For the time being, I’m planning on being a business major. Although, sitting in MacroEco for 53 minutes of my life has seriously made me reconsider that. Why can’t I just be rich and travel the world?

High school sucks, as usual. Graduation is in 3 months (!!!). Spring Break is next week (Hallelujah!). And I still don’t have a job (*sad violin*). Ugh, I would like this whole job process a lot better if I could avoid the awkward phone calls and inquiries. I almost got a job back in November, but that fell through (why can’t adults just be truthful?). I just want $$$.

I’ll try to update more often, but…y’all know how it goes.

  1. Emily said:

    Congrats on your college acceptances! I was 6/7, but I tell people 6/6 because the last one I applied to was super prestigious and I just wanted to see if I could get in. Apparently not, and nobody else I know has gotten in either. /flail

    I seriously don’t know what to do with myself, either. I’ve always known that I’m going to major in computer science, but I don’t really know what I want from that…

    And you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but the UT you’re talking about – Texas or Tennessee? If yes, it’s quite a small world :3

    • AA said:

      Thank you! :D You got into pretty much all of the colleges you applied to…Emily, that’s amazing! Congratulations! Have you decided on one? Is it far from home?

      *high fives* I’m not alone! But you’re probably more assured about your future than I am. I feel like I’m just a plastic bag floating in the wind lmao. Hopefully I’ll attach myself to something soon.

      And it’s the University of Texas :)

  2. Annie said:

    Late, but
    “I still have no idea what the heck I want to do in life. For the time being, I’m planning on being a business major. Although, sitting in MacroEco for 53 minutes of my life has seriously made me reconsider that. Why can’t I just be rich and travel the world?”

    Me 100000000%. Business sounds good then I sit in Economics and find myself resisting the urge to throw myself out the window.
    Hope you’re well, AA!

    • AA said:

      *high fives* Eco is the devil. I don’t think I did too well on my AP exam, lol.

      I am well! How about you, Annie? It’s always nice to hear from you :D (Will you ever start blogging again?)

      • Annie said:

        Aw, don’t worry, I’m sure it was fine! I got horrible on my eco exam I got back last week, but I’ve kind of stopped caring, ha.

        Yay! I’m pretty good, I graduate in a few months, which is crazy! I still feel 13.
        Hmm, maybe maybe I’ll blog again after graduation. I do miss my blogging days. I’m always on twitter and tumblr though.. I probably waste half my life on those sites haha

        Congrats on graduating!!

      • AA said:

        I find out in a couple of days. I’m not expecting much.

        That’s awesome! Yeah, I still can’t believe I’m an ‘adult’ and getting much closer to the real world. I definitely don’t feel like my age. I feel like should know more stuff about the ‘real world’ and life at this point (e.g. banks and taxes and paying for crap and working and whatnot) but I don’t and it makes me feel ignorant lol.

        Thank you! At last! :D

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