3 Things My First Job Has Taught Me (so far)

After countless applications and several interviews, I finally got my first job a couple of weeks ago. Processing, background checks and incompetent people in charge delayed me from starting work until about a week ago. How do I like it so far? I don’t. It sucks. I’m working at a department store and now I’m thinking I’d have enjoyed working at McDonalds more (I actually was about to work there). I was always told that working sucks countless times from friends, family, etc. but I figured, “hey, as long as I’m getting paid, it can’t be as bad as they make it out to be…right?” I was sorta kinda wrong. The fact that I’m getting paid for doing backbreaking work is an extremely slight consolation. Considering I’m getting paid shit $7.75 an hour. The injustice. The 20% percent discount I get isn’t too bad I suppose. At least I’m getting paid. That’s all that matters. That’s all that matters…*stares blankly into space and cries at the thought of going to work tomorrow*. Alright, the list.

  1. I’m terrible at interacting with people – Ok, so my new job hasn’t exactly taught me this, but it has definitely highlighted and made me even more aware of how terrible my social skills are. I’m painfully awkward (emphasis on painfully; sometimes I lie in bed at night, kept awake thinking about awkward situations that occurred eons ago) and quiet, which pretty much goes against the qualities I should have working at a place like this (but they’re the ones who hired me so…). I’m motivated now more than ever to pick a major that requires little interaction with people. I get the feeling that some of the people I work with think I’m rude. I’m really not. I’m just quiet. Then again, I don’t really have any desire to know some of them better bloop.
  2. Retail really sucks – I’ve heard this countless times as well, but I really had no idea what I was getting into when I first applied for this job. I honestly did not know. I didn’t think I’d be doing so much walking and lifting and bending and tearing at packages bigger than me. I could go on and on. I’m being thrust into every position possible, learning things within 30 minutes and then expected to perform said learned things immediately after learning. It’s ridiculous. Management sucks too. I had to hound one of the managers just to get the damn job (he’s a major part of the reason why it took so long for me to start). Alright, sucks might be too strong of a word, but they annoy me greatly.
  3. People are stupid – Again, new job hasn’t taught me this amazing truth; it’s only intensified my feelings. From dealing with customers and co-workers, this job has strengthened my strong dislike of most of the human population. It’s over 9000 now. Shoppers seem to lose basic manners and the ability to function like decent human beings as soon as they step into the store. They can’t pick up after themselves, think we’re slaves that should cater to their every will, and not to mention, they let their spawn run wild destroying the store. This job has also made me even more sure of my decision to never have children. Co-workers…mmmmm. It’s been about a week since I’ve been here and I’ve worked a lot of hours and seen the same people daily…and yet…and yet…they still cannot pronounce my name correctly. I’ve made a post about my name in the past, and I just…?????? WHY?? I don’t understand. I really don’t. The way I’m endlessly pronouncing my name for the same people and the way they keep butchering it would have you thinking my name is some 7 syllable tongue twister. It’s not. FOUR LETTERS. TWO SYLLABLES. Today I pronounced my name like 10 times (I’m not even exaggerating) for this guy and they way he kept repeating it back to me made me want to shove a cactus down his throat. It’s almost as if they want to pronounce it their way, if that makes any sense. It’s like they really don’t want my name to be the way it’s pronounced. They’re all so basic.

I had originally planned to make a list of ten things, but I think I’ll stop here for now. I really don’t like this job at all. Boo hoo, poor me (I know what you guys are thinking…just let me moan and groan). I’m a seasonal employee so come late August, I’m jetting off to college and saying adios to this job (forever hopefully). I wish they’d give me more hours though. They have me working 17 hours a week. I’ve calculated how much I would earn by the end of summer if that stands, and that’s barely enough to cover all the stuff I want to buy in addition to having quite a bit of money left over (the new laptop I need takes a large chunk of it). Sigh. At least I’m getting paid…

  1. Sas said:

    Ari! Woah! It feels like forever since we’ve spoken (probably because it has been)! How are you?

    Work is a shithole. I worked at a department store for about a year and a bit and hated it too. I like hospitality so much more – but customers are dickheads where ever you go. Why can’t they just have MANNERS?!

    Anyway, we should talk more. I miss reading your blog and I am totally crap and lame for not keeping in contact better. :/

    • AA said:

      WOw! Sas omg hey! It’s been so long! I am good, how are you? I’m so glad to see you’re still blogging :D

      Agreed! You lasted longer than me so that’s good lmao. On my last day, my manager told me to let him know when I’ll be back in town so I could give him a call and start working again. I nearly busted out laughing. I think I stared at him for a minute with a look of incredulity on my face before replying. I never want to work there again. What a great question! Someone should really conduct a study on why customers are so terrible.

      Yes, we definitely should. I’m also pretty lame and crap for not keeping in contact as well! That’s going to change now. I think I’ll start with visiting your blog and updating my blogroll :)

      • Zipo said:

        Wow, it is “The Mouse” who roared. Half the team of Sas and Roz. :) Say I believe the language barrier has been broken. hahaha Nice to see Sas

  2. Zipo said:

    I will get back to you on this, but just a note, you should be getting some discounts on all products in the store. That can be a perk.

    I did some lifeguard work this past summer…

    4 letters 2 syllables…. charades? : ) It can be a leaning tool ya know.

    • AA said:

      Again, I missed you!

      Yes, I’d like to think I made good use of my discount during my time at that wretched place. That’s the only thing I’ll miss. The discount. Oh, the discount! Most of the money I made towards the summer went towards my new laptop and college shopping. It truly hurts.

      How did your lifeguarding go? Tell me some tales!

      ;) Indeed!

  3. Zipo said:

    It can be rather boring! So many days were spent waiting for the rain to stop while listening to ppl with whining little kids. Then when they can get in the pool, you sit atop your perch on the sidelines of the pool/beach watching the masses while everyone else is having fun. Then there is always a beach ball bonking someone in the head who goes ballistic. There are some very scary ppl in wrong sized beachwear out there! I think I dropped the brick. Hahahahahahaha Oh, but you get to keep the whistle. Hahahahahah

    • AA said:

      People in wrong sized beachwear…the absolute worst. Sounds like it was fun though! Any girls try to pull a Squints on you? Bahahaha! Here’s a tidbit about me: I have no idea how to swim. I took swimming lessons back in 5th grade or way back in some neolithic time period. I only took one session, where the most useful thing I learned was how to float. I didn’t take the 2nd session because my mom didn’t want to pay for it lol. I wish they’d taught me how to tread water at least. I also almost drowned once. I can’t remember if this was before or after the bogus swimming lessons but it was back in elementary school (I think it might have been before). I went over to a friend’s house to do a project with my other group members. I never told my parents that we’d be swimming after working on the project because I knew they would flip sh*t. They still never found out about that amazingly. lmao never again.

  4. Zipo said:

    How typical is this? How fun… to giving me so much material for papers written on human Psychology over so many years, What happens when new information conflicts with a previously existing belief? Possible shock? and horror. lol
    Squints? WT… lol Just a make belief name on a Disney game… Club Penguin… Names ending in O doesn’t mean squat. How fun is this? I expected more from you. Put actually … you fell in line with many!!!

    Well I have been swimming all my life… across the pond as well. Always float… in and out of water… it will save you life.

  5. Zipo said:

    Someday I will explain the name

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