Billionaire by Bruno Mars Plays Somewhere in the Distance

So after browsing the luxuryaccomadationsblog for almost a lifetime, I exited the website with a very strange feeling. What is that strange feeling you ask? It’s guilt. Shame. Embarrassment. I feel guilty for wanting that lifestyle. The luxurious, opulent, carefree, no worries, sit-and-do-nothing lifestyle. The good life. If I’m feeling guilty looking at a bunch of pictures, I’m not exactly sure how I’d fare if I achieved the actual thing. There’s just so much pain and suffering in the world…too much for me to be lusting after such a way of living.

How would it feel to have so much money to buy a small island, and then some? To drop $50,000 on a piece of jewelry without so much as batting an eye? It’s all so strange. What would I even do with all that money? I’ve longed to be filthy rich for a long time, but I don’t think I could actually live such an extravagant life.

Who am I kidding? I so would.

Although, I would probably still feel somewhat guilty surrounded by high-end amenities and the brilliant blue of the Indian ocean, lounging in my chair drinking a rum Daiquiri, thinking nothing and doing nothing, an unfinished book lying on my stomach and a floppy hat shading my face from the hazy light of the sun setting while some starving orphaned child in the slums of Brazil scrambles to find shelter from the punishing rain of a severe thunderstorm. Only somewhat.

Who says I have to live an extravagant lifestyle anyway? My stay at Velaa Private Island can be a once in a while thing. Once in a while…


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