Six Years

I randomly decided to check my blog today and saw it was my blog’s anniversary. It’s been 6 years since I first started this blog. 6 years! It’s so…strange to think about. I’m older now (duh). Taller. More mature. Not as happy… etc etc. Most of the people I became friends with here on WordPress are long gone, unfortunately. That’s life, I suppose.

I finished my first year of college on the 9th. It was an uneventful year. I made a total of like 3 friends LOL. Maybe next year will be better, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Academically, I did well, but my classes were uninteresting and made ~the sadness~ worse. REAL MADRID WON LA DECIMA ON THE 24TH. Real Madrid, the club of my life, won their long-awaited (12 years) 10th European Cup (more than any other club in Europe. They’re the greatest). Um, what else? I need a job (as usual). I’ll probably work at my old summer job again, as much as the idea makes me want to curl up into a ball and roll off a cliff. Retail is truly the worst.

I still get bouts of wanting to stop existing every now and then, but I’ve managed to keep ~the sadness~ at bay for a couple weeks now. I still have no idea what I want to do in life yay. I’m happy it’s summer, but it sucks living at home with a bunch of people again for 3 months after spending most of my time alone in college. I really like my privacy. Well, that’s pretty much all that’s going on with me right now. This post sucks and I apologize. Just thought it’d be nice to make a post on my blog’s anniversary.

  1. youngandtwenty said:

    Happy six years! It must be crazy to see how you’ve grown in these past years.

    • AA said:

      Aha, yes it is! I used to be so much more optimistic (and happier). I never envisioned “blogging” for this long either. Thank you!

  2. Annie said:

    I just got the six years notification too! Can’t believe our blogs are so old.

    Hope your college experience gets better, somehow. And enjoy your summer break, I get my university winter break in a few weeks and it could not come faster! I’m convinced I need to hibernate for an entire month

    • AA said:

      My thoughts exactly. Annie! Always good to hear from you :). How’s uni going for you?

  3. Sas said:

    Annie! How are you going? Happy six years (a little delayed!). :)

    • Annie said:

      Hey Sas, thank you! I’m well, how are you? Just turned 18 a couple days ago and I’ve been in a good mood ever since! First semester of uni was honestly quite average but I’m not complaining, break is soon :)

    • AA said:

      Sas, wow! How have you been?? I’m so late replying to these comments. I have no excuses lol. Thank you.

  4. Zipo said:

    I missed your anniversary. Dang it! Well my invitation must have got lost in the mail. Or did I miss the phone call? 2funny. So glad to see you are hanging in there. Nothing wrong with liking your own space. I would shoot a few ppl just to get more of mine. ROFL! Say I shouldn’t say that. Big Brother is everywhere now ya know. Hang tight kiddo!
    P.S. your posts were an excellent read. You are quite a gifted writer. Be well my friend! (Hi to Sas and Annie as well)

    • AA said:

      As always, you’re too kind, Zipo! I miss everyone. Hard to believe it’s been so long since everybody went their own ways, forgetting about wordpress in the process (myself included) lmao! Are you on any other social media sites?

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