I randomly decided to check my blog today and saw it was my blog’s anniversary. It’s been 6 years since I first started this blog. 6 years! It’s so…strange to think about. I’m older now (duh). Taller. More mature. Not as happy… etc etc. Most of the people I became friends with here on WordPress are long gone, unfortunately. That’s life, I suppose.

I finished my first year of college on the 9th. It was an uneventful year. I made a total of like 3 friends LOL. Maybe next year will be better, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Academically, I did well, but my classes were uninteresting and made ~the sadness~ worse. REAL MADRID WON LA DECIMA ON THE 24TH. Real Madrid, the club of my life, won their long-awaited (12 years) 10th European Cup (more than any other club in Europe. They’re the greatest). Um, what else? I need a job (as usual). I’ll probably work at my old summer job again, as much as the idea makes me want to curl up into a ball and roll off a cliff. Retail is truly the worst.

I still get bouts of wanting to stop existing every now and then, but I’ve managed to keep ~the sadness~ at bay for a couple weeks now. I still have no idea what I want to do in life yay. I’m happy it’s summer, but it sucks living at home with a bunch of people again for 3 months after spending most of my time alone in college. I really like my privacy. Well, that’s pretty much all that’s going on with me right now. This post sucks and I apologize. Just thought it’d be nice to make a post on my blog’s anniversary.


I have wonky, uneven eyes, a creepy smile, I run around with scissors and no shorts on, and I have no eyebrows or a nose. And yes it’s true, I’m baaaaaack (obnoxious voice) :D I’m totally drawing a blank right now because I have no idea what I’m about to write lol. Might as well begin…

Ok, so after July 4th…hmmm…my parents went on a trip to another country. Exciting, right?! I mean, my sister, my brother and I have the house to ourselves, no parents, summertime!!! Unfortunately, we had guests (of some family relation, dunno). I’m pretty sure my parents planned that :P Having guests at my house is never fun. Every time we have guests, I have to give up my room (because it’s the biggest besides my parent’s). This time, there were 4 guests (not counting the baby). To cut this story short, GUESTS ARE ANNOYING! I DO NOT LIKE THEM BLEHUTHNJ. The fake smiling and being nice really gets to me, ya know? My parents finally came home from their trip about two weeks later and on August 6, 2010, the guests finally left and I moved back into my room the same day. Yessssssssssss. I’m chilling in my bed right now btw, w00t!

I also started volunteering at the library! I was really bored so I finally stopped being lazy and called the library. I found out I got accepted (big surprise. They were like “yeah, it’s gonna take like 2 weeks so we can do a background check on you and blehuisossshb.” really?) It’s not that bad. Well actually, the first few days were a little strange. I got yelled at by this lady (I like to call her Mean Lady) for not moving out of the way quickly when a cart was coming. I’m seriously not kidding when I say that all the people who work at that library section are weird. There’s the Mean Lady, the gay guy (he’s nice enough, but he’s just…STRANGE! I’m so serious about this), the weird chick with piercings who looks like she’s not even out of high school, the Weird Lady with an accent (Jamaican? *shrug*), and there’s a lot more but I can’t remember right now. There’s only like 2 normal people there from what I’ve seen. I’m sort of used to them now, but my first few days there, I was just like “WTF is this?!”

I don’t think the workers there appreciate the volunteers too much. For one thing, they didn’t even bother to learn our names. The Mean Lady was always trying to ‘sacrifice’ us. “Yeah, we’ve got waaaay too many volunteers in here. Maybe the Kid’s section needs some help.”  Whatever. I went there on Tuesday, and I was like the only volunteer there (I usually work 10am to 2pm, but that day I came in at 11 and worked till like 3:30. I saw more volunteers around that time. and we can come in any day and any time we want to). I asked one of the normal ladies what happened to all the volunteers and she said it’s because school is starting. Ha! Sorta serves them right, taking us volunteers for granted and stuff (but she said this happens every summer so I guess they don’t really care) Kinda sad, because I made some friends too. Plus, there’s this really cute guy who works there (he’s not a volunteer, but a shelver [shelves books, gets paid, which I honestly don’t get because volunteers do so much crap, but w/e]. he looks like he’s 16-18 years old) and that’s mostly why I volunteer at the lib so much (even though he doesn’t come everyday, sadly :() I can’t say for sure if there’s really ‘anything there’ but I have caught him looking at me a few times. I’d honestly like this ‘job’ way better if I was getting paid. That’s why the weird chick w/ piercings kind of annoys me because she’s around my age, working there, getting paid, and acting like she’s soooo much older. Maybe I’ll apply to be a shelver heheheh.

Anyway, I haven’t been there since Wednesday and I really want to go (mostly for the cute guy, yeaahhh, but also mostly because I’m bored). But my older older brother is leaving on Friday (or Thurs.) and he BARELY comes home (he’s busy, engineering and whatnot). He wants me to teach him Photoshop, I have ‘orientation’ (there’s actually a name for it, but it involves my school) on Wed., I want him to take me shopping, and I want all of us siblings to go out to eat before he leaves (preferably Chili’s but they think I go there too much and they’re sick of it so probably not, meh). My older younger brother’s birthday is on the 20th and my sister wants us to celebrate at Grand Lux (my older older bro will not be joining us sadly), so that’s why I want all of us to go out and have fun before school starts up again and then I’ll be left all alone, boo hoo.

*sigh* Okay, I’ve got to confess. *Breaks out in High School Musical Status Quo song* Haha, jk…You’d think this would be easier, since it’s the internet and all but um…and I really do feel bad about this and after my little hiatus, I felt this would be the right thing to do. Ariadne’snotmyrealname. There, I said it :( You can find out more on my updated About Page. And, if I’m on anyone’s blogroll as ‘Ari’, I’d like it if you changed it to Auntie Anne (or AA or Honey) Sorry guys…and if that’s too much, you can just delete me off your blogroll (I wouldn’t mind, REALLY, I mean I deserve it…) Well, moving on…

I’ve decided to be more serious in this graphic design stuff. I’ve been Photoshopping since early 2008 and I’m not gonna say I know everything there is to know about PS, but I feel like I know a lot (but not like a lot, a lot and I’m not saying my head is  just absolutely STUFFED with PS knowledge, because it’s not and I still have lots to discover and learn). At the same time, I’ve been wanting to learn more so I’ve been looking at tutorials and trying out new things and just trying to be better at it (Note: my header! I’m seriously in love with it. I feel like I’m ‘branching out’ with it, as weird as that sounds). I’m not too sure about html/css right now. I get the gist of it, but not enough to where I can design a site or something (which I really want to do) Maybe my Digital Interactive Media class I’m taking this school year will help me out!

GAH, I have so much to tell! Hiatuses are good and bad at the same time. Good, because you get to take a little break. Bad, because so much crap decides to happen during your hiatus and when you come back, it’s like “Where do I even begin?” Anyway, I’ve missed blogging and I’ve missed you guys (even though you guys haven’t missed me and possibly hate me right now, wah) I’m glad to be back though :]

Wow! Time really does fly by fast! I realize it’s been almost a month since I last had a new post or commented on anyone’s blog, and for that, I apologize! :cry: Strangely, I really have missed blogging :] I’m surprised I still get views!

So in the time I’ve been M.I.A. I guess you can say a few stuff has happened haha. This past week was TAKS week and I thought I would hate it, but it really wasn’t that bad because we didn’t have any homework! Except for Geometry but that’s a WHOLE different story! 9th graders took their math TAKS and all the the other grades (except for 12th because they don’t have to take TAKS :P) took Math, Social Studies, and Science. I thought the math was actually pretty easy. But there was one question that threw me off and it looked like this: x ♠ y = (x-y)(x+y) and then it had this under it: 5 ♠ -8. The spade was just so completely random and I didn’t understand it, so I moved on and had to come back to it. But when I did, I figured out the 5 was x and the -8 was y and you were supposed to plug the numbers into the 2nd equation and it came out to be -39. Easy question, but after the test everyone was saying, “What the hell was a spade doing on my TAKS test?” XD

So TAKS week ended; the underclassmen somewhat suffered, but the 11th graders were happy with the fact that they’d never have to take TAKS ever again. The seniors didn’t have to come to school till like 10 AM and then on Friday, they had their prom. Ah, the perks of being a senior!

The only homework we had was GEOMETRY. I’m pretty sure any student who’s taking Geom right now hates that class, their teachers, and most likely their group members also. I sure do! We were assigned in groups of 4 or 5 and we have to build a scale model of some important buildings and monuments. My group is doing the San Jacinto Monument. The project wouldn’t be so bad if my teacher wasn’t so unreasonable and stupid, my group wasn’t full of bumbling idiots, and if it wasn’t A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. The ‘team leader’ of my group tried to accuse me of not doing ANY work and I really just wanted to punch him in the face (I still do). I don’t even want to go into the whole thing, but I do want to say that I do most of the work and he does nothing but complain how he has double the work because he’s the team leader as well as the historian. The team leader pretty much does nothing but supervise and the historian is the EASIEST out of all the jobs! I’m the damn Geometric Expert so he shouldn’t even be complaining, period. If he tries to push the ‘not doing any work’ thing on me one more time, I will either: a) Shout obscenities at him, b) Cut him down to size and make him look like the true idiot he is, or c) Flip him off. I’ve been tempted to flip off so many people but this guy has really pushed it. But I will try and control the urge :roll: So far, my group’s daily grades have been a 75, 50, and a 45. The only reason why I still have a 90 in that class is because of our last test which I made a 99 on.

ARRGUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHBLEEEEEEEHHHH!!! Just thinking about that stupid project makes me want to punch mirrors. *Ok, calming down now…* Off to another subject…I FINALLY made an A on my Bio test. I will FINALLY be on that damn ‘A’ wall my teacher has in her class. Yay! I just felt that I had to share that lol. Moving on…

GOOD NEWS! I’m finally getting my braces off on May 27 after one year and 2 months with them! I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I have braces on this blog haha :oops: But yes, I have (soon to be HAD!) braces. To tell you the truth, my top and bottom teeth were actually pretty straight before I got braces. Except I had an extra tooth in my bottom teeth, so I had to get that extracted and let that one tooth that was pushed away from the rest of my teeth settle into the spot of the extracted tooth. If that makes any sense? I’m pretty sure that extra tooth was there because of a bike accident I had when I was in Kindergarten. I was riding my bike peacefully in my old apartment complex I used to live in. I came a little to close to my dad’s car and I tried to avoid hitting it, so I turned sharply and fell on the left side of my face. No bones were broken but I’m sure it messed with the alignment of my bottom teeth somehow. It wasn’t pretty but it healed :)

I’m thinking of trying out for Brigade (my school’s dance team). It sounds fun and I like dancing. I read the fat packet they gave us and I’m not too crazy about going to EVERY single football game and sitting with my Brigade girls. Football’s only for like 2 months but still…My friends keep telling me to try out because ‘I’m supper flexible’ and blah blah blah. I’d like to try out, but I feel like I’ll just be lazy about the whole thing. Learning dances, going to all the football games, the competitions…*sigh* Tryouts are May 12, so I really need to decide soon…

AAANNNNNNNDDDDDD…there’s only 32 days left of school! (We get out June 3rd!). I cannot wait for summer! Yay! I also updated my playlist. Here’s a ‘triva’ question for you guys: What type of bands are Skillet and Thousand Foot Krutch? (All the songs on my playlist are by them, except for Lillium)

Sooooooooooooooo, that’s some of the updates I have for now! I hope y’all didn’t miss me too much ;) And if you were wondering about the random guys in my post, I just put them in because I thought they were cute lol…Sorry for the mega long post! I guess this is why I need to post more often, to avoid super loooooong posts like this XD

Well, I’ve been putting off posting for a while now, so I figured I might as well :)

I went to this event yesterday called Step Up 2 A Reason. It was a part dance, part concert, part fundraiser raising money for domestic violence abuse victims. Last year, it was just my high school. This year, it was all the high schools in the whole district. At first, I thought it’d be pretty nice to meet some cute guys from other schools, but then as the week went on, I just didn’t want to go. But my friend managed to convince me. I told her if my mom said yes, then I’d go. I really wasn’t expecting my mom to say yes because my parents always want me to let them know about things ahead of time, but she said yes and I went.

I bought my ticket at the door, which cost $10. There was about 10-15 mins of dancing, then someone would perform. Ghost from ABDC performed and I think that was my favorite performance. A few members from SoReal (also from ABDC) performed but I left while they were dancing. I just thought the whole thing was boring. I mean, I danced and everything and that was sort of fun, but that was it. I have this friend who dances like—please excuse my french—a whore everytime we have some sort of dance. At one point, she even pulled up her tank top (not all the way) because she was hot. And then she got on my friend’s back to see someone performing. This guy next to me who had his girlfriend in front of him kept looking at my friend’s back/ass, so I gave him a look and pulled her shirt down. I was even a little embarrassed actually :?

SU2AR was supposed to end at 11PM but I ended up leaving at 10 because it was just so unbelievably boring. People grinding, suckish songs…ugh. I’ll admit, my dancing wasn’t the cleanest, but at least I wasn’t grinding and whatnot like I was at some club. Plus, with some of the adults stationed around the place, it would have been extremely awkward (For me anyway. I guess those people didn’t care). I didn’t meet any cute guys either :(

I guess I was the only person who thought the whole thing was lame. I went on facebook today and people had statuses like “OMG STEP UP WAS AMAZING!!!” or “I had so much fun at Step Up!” I was sort of surprised, because I thought it wasn’t that great. Maybe it got better after I left, but truthfully, I don’t give a crap or have any desire to know if it did. But hey, at least it was for a good cause.

I’m thinking about deleting my blog. I wait too long to post and posting is just a drag for me sometimes :/ I’d still comment on everyone’s blog though :)