To answer my own question from this post, it appears that I am indeed still the same secluded, pathetic, friendless person that I was in high school. But it’s only been 3 days so I shan’t give up hope already! Hey guys, I’m in college now. W00t. Classes started on Wednesday and it is now the weekend and also my school’s first football game of the season. And guess who’s going? NOT ME! *manic cackling turns into heaping sobbing* I know this feeling all too well. Is this the price I have to pay for choosing to stay in a private room? I’m placing the blame on my private room when in reality, it’s just me. I mean, I’ve met some cool people, most of which are upperclassmen (really nice upperclassmen, might I add…brings tears to my eyes *cry*). And that’s mostly due to me being part of the Christian club at my school. I haven’t made any friends in my classes. Like I said, it’s only been 3 days though, so I should stop being so cynical already (ha!). My hall is so quiet, which I suppose is a good thing and something I’m sure I’ll appreciate as the semester goes on. Staying in a private is nice, but it’s also really easy to stay inside of my bubble of one, being anti-social and all that jazz.

Whatever. Maybe I’ll go to the next home football game. I don’t really care for American Football, but I still think going to the game would be fun. Why am I not going to the game, you ask? Well…I don’t have anyone to go with and I’d really rather not go by myself. I guess I’ll just spend tonight making good use of the free movies my school offers or do some homework or something. (I know what you’re thinking: “what a loser!” amirite or amirite?)

Speaking of homework, have I mentioned that the US Higher Education System is just a tad absurd? $120 for an access code not including the book that’s needed for the class (which costs an arm and a leg but I found it online free yay me)? It’s amazing how all of my school expenses make my $20,000 scholarship look like chump change. I’d laugh at this nonsense if I wasn’t already crying at the pain of my back being weighed down heavily by thousands of student loans. Ah, such is life, no? What a time to be alive!


My 13-year-long (primary + secondary) public school education is over, and I can think of only one thing that aptly describes how I feel about it.

I graduated from high school on Saturday, June 8th, praise Jesus. My school does the whole Latin honors stuff so I graduated magna cum laude. Yay me. I’ll never have to see any a majority of these people ever again in my life. Hallelujah! Although, I’d be lying if I said it won’t be strange not seeing many of the same faces I’ve been seeing daily for the past 4 years, and even 7 years. I guess you could say that I had a good amount “school friends”…meaning that I never actually interacted with any of them outside of school. I did meet some really amazing and cool people these last two years though. So I’m not totally averse to the idea of seeing those gems that shined brightly apart from the hundreds of turds from my school again in the future.

I’m excited for what the future will bring; curious as to whether or not I’ll be the same secluded, pathetic, non-school friendless person that I am now; delirious at the idea of partying till I drop (among many other things) without my parents ever knowing, and so much more. I’m just ready for it to be late August already with me situated in my dorm and everything. For once in my life, I actually want summer to go by quickly. I know college won’t be a field of daisies and whatnot, but damn, that doesn’t make me any less excited.

Also, it’s not my blog anniversary. It was actually 14 days ago, on May 26th. I started this post then, but I didn’t get around to finishing it until now, bloop. So in honor of my 5-year blogiversary, I decided to change my url. I felt it was time for something new :) I actually wanted the url ‘ancoraimparo.’ Ancora imparo is Italian for ‘still I learn,’ and it’s a phrase I seriously love. Since that url was taken, I settled for this one, which basically means the same thing. I’d been wanting to change my blog url for a while, but when it came down to it, I didn’t know what to change it to. It wasn’t until I did my senior reflection centered around the phrase that I decided on it.

Oh, and I updated my playlist! The first song is a tribute to my graduation from high school. And like how all my playlists usually are, it’s a bunch of random songs. So don’t expect to listen to just one genre. It jumps around a lot. Hell yeah! (ok please don’t judge and listen to the rest pls and thank).

Well, I’ve been putting off posting for a while now, so I figured I might as well :)

I went to this event yesterday called Step Up 2 A Reason. It was a part dance, part concert, part fundraiser raising money for domestic violence abuse victims. Last year, it was just my high school. This year, it was all the high schools in the whole district. At first, I thought it’d be pretty nice to meet some cute guys from other schools, but then as the week went on, I just didn’t want to go. But my friend managed to convince me. I told her if my mom said yes, then I’d go. I really wasn’t expecting my mom to say yes because my parents always want me to let them know about things ahead of time, but she said yes and I went.

I bought my ticket at the door, which cost $10. There was about 10-15 mins of dancing, then someone would perform. Ghost from ABDC performed and I think that was my favorite performance. A few members from SoReal (also from ABDC) performed but I left while they were dancing. I just thought the whole thing was boring. I mean, I danced and everything and that was sort of fun, but that was it. I have this friend who dances like—please excuse my french—a whore everytime we have some sort of dance. At one point, she even pulled up her tank top (not all the way) because she was hot. And then she got on my friend’s back to see someone performing. This guy next to me who had his girlfriend in front of him kept looking at my friend’s back/ass, so I gave him a look and pulled her shirt down. I was even a little embarrassed actually :?

SU2AR was supposed to end at 11PM but I ended up leaving at 10 because it was just so unbelievably boring. People grinding, suckish songs…ugh. I’ll admit, my dancing wasn’t the cleanest, but at least I wasn’t grinding and whatnot like I was at some club. Plus, with some of the adults stationed around the place, it would have been extremely awkward (For me anyway. I guess those people didn’t care). I didn’t meet any cute guys either :(

I guess I was the only person who thought the whole thing was lame. I went on facebook today and people had statuses like “OMG STEP UP WAS AMAZING!!!” or “I had so much fun at Step Up!” I was sort of surprised, because I thought it wasn’t that great. Maybe it got better after I left, but truthfully, I don’t give a crap or have any desire to know if it did. But hey, at least it was for a good cause.

I’m thinking about deleting my blog. I wait too long to post and posting is just a drag for me sometimes :/ I’d still comment on everyone’s blog though :)

Yay for Saturdays! I slept till 4PM today; I was so tired for some reason! Probably due to the fact that I’ve been surviving on 5 (and less) hours of sleep since school started! I really need to stop procrastinating and doing my homework at like 11 o’clock at night! This is sooo not good for my health! And isn’t it ironic that we’re learning about Sleep Deprivation in health class? :lol:

Another reason why I might have been so tired today is because I went to my school’s talent show yesterday! It was my first high school talent show and I must say, it was pretty damn amazing! :D We (the audience) got to vote on which talent we liked the best. The host was hilarious and cool and I hope he comes back the next 3 years I’m still in highschool. This girl got third place and she sang Take A Bow by Rihanna. In my opinion, I don’t even think she was all that good! There were tons of people that were way better than her! Like this guy who sang Try by Asher Book! He was so adorable! He was like “I came to this show with 12 roses, but I seem to have lost one; if you have it, please come on the stage!” And this girl (who I assumed was his gf or girl he liked) went on the stage and he was like “I’m singing this song to you” and he turned to the audience and was like “not you guys.” Haha I loved him! The host said that all the boys should take lessons from him and I agreed!

A couple of guys played the guitar and sang songs and dedicated them to their girlfriends and I thought it was really sweet. There was also this other guy who played the piano and sang Trouble by Coldplay. Some girl in the audience screamed out “YOU’RE HOT!” and he laughed and was like “I don’t think my gf would like you saying that.” This band called Brass, Wind, and Fire won second place. The second place prize was $50 and there were eleven members in their band so they each would’ve gotten like $4 dollars lol. The host made us use the calculators on our phones to figure that out after they went. But they were really good! They did a “Bad Brass Medley!” No one sang, it was just instruments and I thought it sounded great!

This band called The Rooster Collective (I think that was their name; that’s what it said on the Program schedule, but the host was saying something completely different or maybe I just heard wrong) played Come Together by The Beatles. They weren’t in the talent show but “a special performance” while they tallied the votes for the winners. They were really good, I thought they should’ve been been in it! But they couldn’t because the lead singer was from another school so It would’ve been kind of hard I guess?

This group called K-Squared and Co. won first place. They did a break dance medley! I feel like my school has our own little “America’s Best Dance Crew!” I think they deserved first place! At first I thought they were doing a comedy skit, b/c that’s how they started off. They spoke in asian accents and one guy was like, “Do you know why the orange stop halfway up the hill?” and the other guy said No, why? “Because he ran out of juice!” It wasn’t that funny, but the way they did it made it even funnier than it was! The other joke that they did was “Your mom is so fat that when she says she could eat a horse, she really eats a horse!” I laughed at that one :lol: The other guy stopped doing his accent and was like:

Guy 1: What was that?

Guy 2 (also stops doing asian accent): What?

Guy 1: What’s with that mom joke?

Guy 2: What about it?

Guy 1 (points to somewhere in audience): My mom’s right there!

Guy 2: She’s Vietnamese!

Guy 1: Ok, she can speak enough English to understand “YOUR MOM IS FAT.”… I think you need to say ‘I’m sorry’

Guy 2: I’m sorry?

Guy 1: No, I mean in Vietnamese so she can understand

Guy 2 (clears throat; puts asian accent back on): I’m sorry

And then they were like, “We’re just kidding, we’re actually gonna dance for you guys” LOL, I loved them! Their dancing was badass, everyone went wild for them! If you type in ‘K-squared and co’ you might be able to find them on youtube! :D

I actually wasn’t even going to go, it was like a last minute decision, but I’m really glad I did! My friends we’re surprised I even went too. After the show, my friends annoyed me. One of my friends, D, saw a cute guy and she was telling everyone else about him and she wouldn’t tell me and I was like wtf? What fucking difference would it make? Gee, thanks for making me feel like we’re not even friends. And when it was down to the two of us, my other friend, R, just walked off when her mom came to pick her up without even saying good-bye. I thought it was really rude and it pissed me off. If it were me, I would’ve definitely said good-bye.

Last semester, one of my new friends asked me if I still had my phone and I said yes, why? She said “Oh, because you never text me anymore.” That really annoyed me. She was pretty much saying that I should be the one to text her first, like wtf? Just because I don’t text you first doesn’t mean you can’t take the initiative and be the one to text me “hey, what’s up” or something like that. I even did a little “test” where I stopped texting all of my friends to see if one of them would text me first. They didn’t. I’m not even surprised. People are so fake nowadays. Now I remember why I cried on the last day of 8th grade. It was because I knew everyone would change and nothing would ever be the same when we got to highschool. It actually makes me kinda sad.

Anyway, enough of that! I’m really sorry I haven’t been replying to comments, I’ve just been really busy with school. How was everyone’s week and weekend (so far)? :)