It’s time for me to finally say goodbye.

I’ve been on WordPress since 2006 and I’ve had this blog for quite some time as well. Everyone seems to have moved on, maybe to other blogging platforms (like me) or maybe to a life of minimal internet usage. I’ll always have fond memories of WordPress and all the people I met through here and CP (can’t forget CP!). Thank you.


I wonder if there’s anyone who reads my blog but doesn’t comment? I doubt it, but if so, HI!

I’m trying really hard no to think about school during this break. The thought of going back to school makes me want to vomit everywhere. Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

K, /random post. Bye!

Is this the end? No, of course not. I kinda need a break from blogging right now, so I’ll be taking a hiatus. I’m not really sure how long this’ll last, so yea…I might still do Secret Sunday but idk. I just need to figure stuff out right now. I’m not really sure where I’m going right now (not literally). I’ll still try to comment on everyone’s blog though! Bye guys! For now ;)

*Does this post make it seem like I’m going through some really emotional, deep stuff in my life?  Because I’m really not haha XD. I just need to know what’s going on in with my life :]

Time goes by too fast. But in this case, it’s a good thing because I want it to be summer already. School drains me. I hate school. The schoolwork, the homework, the people. I’m just really tired of it all.

I took a Bio test today. I sat there thinking, when is knowing that Cnidarians have a gastrovascular cavity digestive system ever going to help me in life? That’s right, it isn’t. When is half the crap we learn in school ever going to help us in life? It’s not.  No one is going to stop me on the street one day, put a gun to my head and ask me “Quick, tell me what is 75467 divided by the cosine of 157, or else you’re going to die.” Oh and it’s no surprise I made a 76 on the Bio test.

Sometimes I feel like giving up. I used to be so proud of myself, being in all these advanced classes. But now it’s like, ‘Hey, anyone could be in an advanced class if they tried and really put their mind to it.’ What’s so special about being in advanced classes anyway? Oh that’s right! You get to go at a faster rate, learn more crap and take quizzes and tests every 5 minutes.  Even if I rant and piss and moan about school, I’m still going to get off this computer and start doing my homework, which isn’t going to help me in life either.

And people definitely don’t make all of this better. It amazes me how people can be so ignorant, so selfish, rude and obnoxious to other people and teachers, but they would never act like this to their parents. But some would. There are just some people that as soon as I see them, I feel annoyed/pissed off. People, people, people. I’ve kind of given up hope on people. It seems that as the older I get, the worse it becomes. Of course, no one is going to stay the same forever, but how could someone change so drastically? Not everyone is rude or selfish and obnoxious, but that is the majority of people at my school. I’d like to think I’m not rude and obnoxious. Maybe sometimes I can be a little rude, obnoxious and selfish, but it’s not my personality. There are just some people who just have that kind of personality. I would really love to meet someone one day, that someone who just gives me a little bit more hope about this world.

I will admit, I have different sides of me. Some of my friends see me as funny and weird (in a good way they say?). Some of my friends see me as logical and cool. People who don’t know me (aka people that I don’t like/who annoy me) see me as cold and serious and quiet. “Why don’t you ever talk?” “Why are you so quiet?” Why should I have to talk to people I don’t like? Should I have to be loud and obnoxious like you? Give me a break and go back to your self centered world.  I’m not the kind of person who flips people off and says like 10 cuss words in one sentence alone. So, I guess in their world it makes me different.

I have friends. I can be happy sometimes. I don’t feel the need to have a best friend. I couldn’t share my feelings with another person if I tried. I don’t really talk to my parents about my feelings either. “How was school?” “Good.” “Okay.” I’m not super close with any of my friends. At one point, I thought having a best friend meant everything. But that was in elementary school. It was 5th grade that my ‘best friend’ and I suddenly weren’t so close anymore. When I entered middle school, I think that’s when my view of the world really started to change, even if it was only a little and I didn’t really notice it. I wanted to be popular when I was in 6th grade. What kid didn’t? But it was apparent that I wasn’t anything like those popular kids. I didn’t wear Abercrombie or Hollister (still don’t, they’re not even real clothes to me), I didn’t have a boyfriend (yes, people had bfs/gfs in 6th grade), and I didn’t cuss AT ALL. But since I wanted to be popular, I did, because it was ‘cool.’ It’s not so cool anymore. I don’t a give a flying monkey’s anchor about being popular anymore. People that say cuss words in every sentence, they just come off to me as unintelligent because they can’t find other words to use. People that use gay or retarded as derogatory words; I think the same about them too. Gay, retarded, %^&$, blah, blah, blah.  ‘Hey, find some other words to use, then maybe I’ll see you as someone I can actually dignify a response to.’

I guess I have those people to thank. The ones who made me realize, “Hey, I don’t want to be anything like you.”

Anyway, regardless of everything on this post, I’m not suicidal or depressed. I’m not one of those weird kids who might suddenly snap one day haha. I’m just frustrated and sad and maybe even a little bit cynical. Cynical about school. Cynical about people. Cynical about the world. I’d like to be one of those people who, in despite of everything cruel and grim about the world, they still have some hope. But I’m not.

This is just going to be a short post, so no pics :(

I’m back from my sister’s and it was pretty boring. Her spring break was last week, so she wasn’t really free this week. I just sat in her apartment, doing the same thing I would’ve done if I were home. But my brother came to my sister’s apartment yesterday (he lives in a city about 35 mins away), and we went shopping. It was nice because he HARDLY comes home and I never see him. I bought some sandals, he bought me a giant cookie which we both shared, took a picture with the fattest bear ever (I’m not even kidding, that bear was HUGE. It looked like it ate a little kid), and I ate some AUNTIE ANNE’S (!!!)! Even though I didn’t really get to do anything until the very last day (and even then, it wasn’t much), it was nice to get out of my house for once and go to a place where you didn’t know anyone and no one knew you.

Spring Break is almost over, sadly :( I truly do not want to go back to school. Just the thought makes me feel like crawling under my covers and never coming back out. But hopefully the thought of summer just two months away will keep me going in school. Anyway, I calculated my Geometry grade. If I get a 67 on that stupid test, then that will bring my grade down to a 77. Yeah, pretty harsh, huh? A 94 to a 77 :cry: But at least I can still work my way up to a B for the six weeks. I’m prepared. I’ve learned the hard way (many, many times) not to get my hopes up when I take tests/quizzes in school.

I have some homework that I need to take care of, but I’ll probably just put all of it off until Sunday night. The thought of school drains me. School itself drains me even more. I hate it. As you can tell, this post is really bleh-ish. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about transferring my Photoshop tutorials to another wordpress or domain. This is like my personal blog, and the Photoshop tutorials just make it unpersonal lol. So yea, I might be making another wordpress or site, just for Photoshop tutorials and w/e.

Hope everyone’s having somewhat of an OK week :)

I’ve been bored out of my mind since my sister and brother left. I feel like an only child now…It’s kinda nice :D Juuuust kidding. My parents haven’t got on my nerves too much yet, so that’s good.

I watched High School Musical 3 for the first time on Saturday. I know it’s been like over a year since it came out, but I never got around to watching it. I’ll admit it, I enjoyed it! It was a little cheesy but still really cute. I wish there were guys like Zac Efron at my school *dreamy sigh*. So, now I’ve got all the songs stuck in my head (hence the title of the post). They’re so catchy! Watching HSM3 made me wish high school was more like that!

I made a 53 on my IMPOSSIBLE Bio quiz! I’m actually proud of myself. I did waaaaay better than some of my friends who got 33/13/7/and even a zero! I feel super smart compared to them lol.

It’s finally getting warmer! It got to be around 73 degrees yesterday! Thank goodness b/c I’m getting sick of winter. After Christmas, I pretty much hate it. Yay for spring!

It’s a 3 day weekend! Whoop, dance party! It’s Martin Luther King day on Monday, so we get Monday off! I’m so happy! Holidays and days off are one of the many things that keep me alive in school! But on the downside, I still have to do homework :roll: I’m flipping tired! I feel like the week just dragged on and on, but it’s finally Friday! It rained earlier today and it’s cold, so right now, I’m just curled up in my bed. Some people absolutely hate it when it rains, but I love rainy days! I can’t explain it, but they make me feel somewhat happy :) Btw, I got bored with my theme, so I changed it. I wasn’t sure how I’d like the whole no header thing but I think I can live without one :]

We’re reading A Tale of Two Cities in English…you can start feeling sorry for me now. Maybe I would like the book more and understand it better if I didn’t have English FREAKIN FIRST PERIOD. WTF? I’m not ever fully awake during that time, and they expect us to read something like that?! Don’t get me wrong, I love to read but…ugh. I couldn’t even get through a paragraph today because I kept dozing off! And it doesn’t help that I have to reread one sentence like 100 times just to understand it. In my opinion, Charles Dickens talks too much.

I made an 82 on both my geometry and world geography tests! Strange, huh? You would not believe how relieved I was when I found out I got an 82 on my Geom test! I honestly thought I would fail it! But I didn’t, so yay! I was expecting a lecture from my teacher and everything! But no screaming or lectures on how she’s so “disappointed with us”! We had the least amount of F’s (just 1!) in our class! Which is also strange because I’m used to being in the “bad” k-level (advanced) class lol. For some reason, I always end up in classes with the most obnoxious people. I’m so used to teachers yelling and giving us lectures about how their on-level (not-advanced) classes behave so much better than my class, it’s not even funny :|

So today, I took an IMPOSSIBLE quiz in Bio! It wasn’t that hard, b/c I somewhat studied (library during lunch!) but for the people who didn’t study, they were screwed; like straight up. I think any normal person would be scared with words like ZOOFLAGELLATES, ACRASIOMYCOTA, PLASMODIUM  AND PHYLUMS attacking them on a quiz; unless you studied, of course! Geez, those words make my head hurt just by looking at them! :x

J looked hot today! Is there ever a day when he doesn’t *dreamy sigh*?! But he’s starting to bug me. He tries so hard to be a bad boy in school, like disrupting the class and being loud. Hellooooo? I can see right through you! He tries too hard, it’s almost pathetic to watch. Which is why I actually don’t really like like him (or have a crush on him). I just think he’s hot :P I wonder if that makes me shallow? Lol! I think it’s possible to think someone is hot and not like them!

We got a vocab sheet in English today with vocabs words/definitions on the front and fill in the blanks (with the vocabs) on the back. I bet you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “And we give a fugg about this why?” but I’m getting to the good part! On the back, there was this short story with blanks that you were supposed to fill in with the vocab words. And it went something like this: “After the holiday celebration, Amanda’s parents asked her to help clean up their messy ______ (abode). Even the ______ (hearth) where Santa entered the family room was a mess. He and his sack must have been bulky because he nearly ______ (eradicated) the fireplace.” Now tell me, do you see anything wrong with this story? ;) There’s more to the whole story, but that was the part that stuck out to me the most! My whole class and I could not stop laughing! Our teacher said there’s nothing to it, but that is obviously bs. I mean, seriously, who could actually write a story like that with a straight face without being “anything to it”? Now you truly know what a perverted person I am lol! ;)

So, I was on facebook the other day and I was looking through this guys pics (who is totally cute btw) and being a creeper when I saw this really adorable pic! He was camped out in front of his girlfriend’s (or girl he likes) front yard, looking like a hobo holding a sign that said: “Home less Coming?” And in the next pic, he was hugging her and she was holding roses (looks like she said yes!) I just thought it was so cute and adorable that I had to share it with y’all! I wish a guy would do that for me! *Dreamy sigh*

This post is really long and props to you if you actually read all of it! So guys, how was your week? Anything interesting happen? :)